Home Security Systems

Home security systemsXfinity Home in Vancouver offers you a complete home security and control package by offering different and important ways to make your home safer. In addition to protecting your home against break-ins and theft, your Xfinity Home solution will also give you the control to turn on and off your lights and change your home’s temperature settings while away. Along with peace of mind, your Xfinity Home package will save you up to 20% on your Homeowner’s insurance! Some of the different features you will receive when you choose Xfinity for your home security system include:

• Touch Screen Controllers and Wireless Keypads
• Door, Window and Motion Sensors
• Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
• And More!

When you rely on the safety and protection of Xfinity Home, you will first be given an extensive assessment of your home, to make sure you receive a customized system. From there, you will receive a professional installation of your personalized system. After that, your home will be monitored 24 hours per day by a certified central monitoring station. All of this is offered at a cost that is affordable to home owners, especially since it increases the safety of your family.

ADT Security Systems of Vancouver has offered home owners the best in home security for longer than anyone in the business. In fact, ADT has been protecting homes for over a century and that is experience that your family can count on. When you choose a home security system, you want and need one that is going to protect your loved ones as well as your valuables and treasured home possessions. ADT is the service for this, because you can count on our knowledge, expertise and innovative technology to keep your family safe every day and night. Along with your ADT Security Systems, you can also receive more to keep your family safe:

• Motion Sensor Detection
• Carbon Monoxide Detection
• Medical Alarm System
• And More!
With ADT, we offer more than just securing your home and belongings; we will make sure your family is safe from all kinds of danger. We have six nationwide customer service monitoring centers that are all working together to make sure you and yours are safe and sound 24 hours per day.

Vivint Security Systems of Vancouver uses a personalized approach to make sure your home is protected and utilized in the best way possible. From Home Automation, Energy Management, Home Security and even Solar Energy, Vivint Security Systems has your home covered from top to bottom! Let Vivint do an extensive overview of your family’s lifestyle to make sure you have everything you need for safety and convenience, evaluating who is in your home and what specifically you may find useful. Vivent technology provides you with:

• Video Surveillance and Motion Detection
• Electronic Door Locks and Remote Access
• Smart Thermostat and Lighting Control
• And More!
With Vivint technology, you can remotely unlock your doors to let your kids in after school, creating a safer environment for them. You can also watch live footage of the inside and outside of your home using your iPad, laptop or smartphone. This is helpful to watch the kids, watch the nanny or just be aware of what is happening when you are out of town. Because your home is constantly being monitored by a trained professional, you will always receive home alerts for any and all suspicious activity, so you can be aware whether you are at home or not. Protecting your family has never been easier.