Dish Network

dish-smallDish Network in the Vancouver area is the pioneer satellite provider, having created satisfied customers for thirty years. Successfully navigating the satellite TV market for so long has helped them to create a service and product that is not only high quality but also the most affordable product available today. With more years of experience than the competitors, Dish is clearly known as the leader in technology and offers many products to back up that claim.

In addition to exciting package and promotional deals, Dish Network offers many services that will make your program watching and home entertainment system become everything you want and need it to be.

• Hopper with Sling is a product that Dish is extremely proud of, since it allows you to view your live TV as well as recorded DVR programs using your internet connection. With this, you are able to watch from not only your TV but also your computer, iPad or smartphone!
• The Dish Transfers application gives you the ability to transfer recorded shows or movies to your tablet or other device and then watch them away from home, without the use of an active internet connection. This is a great option for those that travel often or visit areas with undependable internet connections.
• Using Dish Network’s Primetime Anytime and your Hopper, you can automatically download the entire evening show lineup from the four major networks of NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. Now you will never have to miss any of your favorite shows!
• Utilizing the search feature within your Hopper, you can search for programs or movies by their title, actor, director and more! You will always be able to find something to watch that you will enjoy by yourself or with the family.
• One of the most usable new features is the offering of Dish’s Blockbuster @Home! This well-known name in movies gives you twenty additional movie channels and thousands of movie titles that you can watch from your TV, computer or mobile device. As a new Dish customer, you will receive Blockbuster @Home for three months at no charge so you can try it out with no obligation.
• When you choose Dish’s Hopper device, you also have the option to turn on Autohop, which allows you to entirely skip commercials while you and your family are watching Primetime Anytime recorded shows. Enabling this feature gives you more time to do what is important to you, without the wasted time of watching commercials. With Autohop activated, half hour shows become 21 minutes long while hour long shows are only 43 minutes long!

Many Vancouver residents already count on the technology leader of Dish Network for all their home entertainment needs, and for good reason. Dish offers the highest options available in technology products for your television and movie watching experience and they strive every day to get even better at what they do. As the most experienced satellite TV company with the most services to offer, Dish Network remains a leader in the satellite TV industry.