directv-smallWhen Vancouver residents want a satellite provider that they can rely on for quality service and products, most of them choose DirecTV over all others. In fact, DirecTV has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over all other satellite and cable TV options in the area. With so many extremely satisfied customers for two decades, DirecTV is proud of everything they offer and will work hard to remain the highest rated satellite provider in Vancouver.

While there are multiple reasons that Vancouver residents choose DirecTV, some of the most common are the high quality selection of products and services that is offered for DirecTV customers.

• Genie allows you to upgrade your TV experience with the most advanced HD DVR on the market. Genie makes it possible to watch four different shows at once, so everyone in the family can watch what makes them happy. You can also record up to five shows at once, so no one misses out on their programming choices while not able to watch them when they air. Another option with Genie is that you can store up to two hundred hours of shows before being forced to delete any!
• The NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch all sixteen games that are played, proving that DirecTV is the leader in sports choices.
• Voice search gives you the option of looking for shows simply by speaking what you want! You merely speak as you would to another person and DirecTV will find it for you.
• DirecTV has more international channels than any other provider, allowing you to watch shows from any country and language you desire.
• Your satellite will be installed by one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians, making sure it is done right the first time. After this, our customer service department is always there for you, letting you talk to someone who can help whenever you need it.
• DirecTV partners with local and well known internet and telephone providers, setting you up with a bundle package that will take care of all your communication and entertainment needs within your home. Your DirecTV satellite even connects to the internet, linking you up to Pandora, YouTube and any other website you enjoy browsing.

With the many services and products offered by DirecTV in the Vancouver area, you will be glad you chose the same company that most of your friends and neighbors already have. Satellite providers often save customers money over cable providers since there are no taxes charged to customers. DirecTV is also offered nationwide, so you can easily move your service to anywhere you live. With 99% worry-free signal reliability, you do not have to worry about missing any of your favorite shows, movies or sports programs. With Genie, voice search, more channels than other options and amazing bundle packages, it is not surprising that someone switches to DirecTV every 8 seconds. Now it’s your turn!