Comcast Xfinity

comcast-smallWhen you are in the market for a new cable provider, Comcast Xfinity of Vancouver will surprise and impress you with all they have to offer! Not only do they make television watching far more enjoyable and entertaining, they also provide smarter technology and better service than other cable providers. This better service doesn’t stop at just cable television channels, but continues with fantastic phone and internet service!

• Xfinity Voice Unlimited offers you a high tech way that revolutionizes how you talk to your friends and family. One of the most exciting features is that you can read your voicemails as they are sent to your email instead of having to listen to them. Also, not only will you receive unlimited nationwide text and talk to all the important people you chat with, but you will do so with the best call clarity available today. Never miss a word from your grandma or your grandson again!
• Xfinity Internet gives you fast and reliable internet speeds for all that you need to do. Whether it be to download music and movies, play games or research for your homework, Xfinity Internet has you covered. Everyone in your family will be able to use the internet at once, from multiple devices!
• Infinity OnDemand gives you more options to improve how and where you watch television. Xfinity OnDemand carries all your favorite shows, both current and older, as well as tons of hit movies to entertain your family with. Because Xfinity OnDemand comes to you with an advanced HD DVR that does it all, you can watch your programs in any room of your home, on your television or other smart device. You can even record four different shows while you are watching a fifth show! No one will miss out on any of their favorites again!
• Comcast Xfinity offers you two different bundles, to suit your home’s needs the best. The Xfinity Double Play gives you Xfinity OnDemand television with the option of either Xfinity Internet or Xfinity Voice Unlimited. Xfinity Triple Play includes all three! Xfinity OnDemand TV, Xfinity Internet AND Xfinity Voice Unlimited. All for one low price.
• The Xfinity X1 Platform is a true interactive television experience, giving you the ability to use your TV as a search engine, typing in just a few keywords to find that perfect program. You can also download the X1 Remote App on your smartphone to be able to use voice commands to change your channel or show. Your X1 Platform will even suggest new shows for you, based on what you have spent the most time watching. You will wonder how you went this long without it!

When you choose Xfinity by Comcast as your cable, internet and/or phone provider, you are getting more entertainment and communication options than you have ever experienced! On top of all the technology you will enjoy, Xfinity offers superior customer service whenever you need it, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week both by phone and internet. Our technicians will customize a package that is perfect for you, and you will be on your way to enjoying your home entertainment system more than ever before!