centurylink-smallWhen residents of Vancouver need a quality internet provider, CenturyLink is one of the most popular options. CenturyLink provides customers with many features that are a must have when it comes to internet service, including a customizable home page, faster speeds and reliable connections.

• CenturyLink provides easy installation, and you can choose to either do it yourself with our easy to follow kit, or we are more than happy to do it for you.
• You can either lease or purchase your modem, whichever works best for you. You can also turn your internet into wireless internet for one low cost.
• There are many additions you can choose to make your internet perfect for you, including upgraded security and customizable backup space.

Another way CenturyLink is the best for many is with our phone service, which always has a reliable and clear connection. CenturyLink phone services come with many custom features such as call forwarding, Three Way Calling and Caller ID. Many people still choose not to have a landline phone service and simply use their cellular phones, but there are many reasons why a home phone is still the right choice.

• Landlines still work during a power outage or natural disaster, meaning you can still call out for help, even if your cell phone battery has died.
• Many home security companies require you to still have a landline, as that is how their signals work.
• Bundling your internet and phone service can mean a much better rate than just one alone!

Whether you are looking for just phone or cable, or packaging them both to save even more money, CenturyLink of Vancouver has you covered for the best deal possible. CenturyLink also offers you a five year price lock guarantee, without the pressure of a contract! With quality services and technical support that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, CenturyLink is dedicated to being and continuing to be a leading provider of both phone and internet services.