About Us

cable-satelliteLiveWiresMedia.com is your premier source for your TV and Internet service. Our sales staff works tirelessly to understand each companies promotions so that they can provide you with the most honest and realistic picture what you are going to get with the service you choose.

Our staff is here for you! We’ll tell you about the in’s and out of Streaming your live TV signal to your smart phone with Dish Network’s Hopper with Sling DVR. Or we’ll show you how to watch for your favorite reality show while recording 4 other things at the same time with DIRECTV’s most advanced Genie!

Rest assured that our technicians are the best in the business. They have spent many rigorous hours learning how to perform the proper installation techniques as well as teach you how to use your new Satellite equipment.

We all know how important the internet is to all of our daily lives. Everything seems dependent on the Internet. From using your Vonage Phone device to Fax out those contracts to watching the latest YouTube Video from your favorite band! That’s why we have created relationships with the best Internet Service providers in the industry.

We promise to work WITH you to get you the best product; at the most affordable price; AT the most opportune time. We don’t want you to pay a penny more than you have to have 20 MB Internet service. So give us a call and let us help you save some money today!