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LiveWires – Satellite, Cable & Internet Service in Vancouver, WA

Live Wires Media in Vancouver is the place to call when your home needs internet, phone, TV or security systems.

Why should you call Live Wires rather than the well-known and respected companies directly? When you work with Live Wires Media, you still get the benefits of the big company services while being able to receive personalized customer service from a friendly technician right here in Vancouver!

You can still count on the excellent products provided by industry leaders such as Dish Network and CenturyLink, but with a personalized approach to what you really need and want in your service plans. Live Wires Media of Vancouver will ensure you only have what you need, allowing you to save time, stress and money on your monthly bills.

Service providers we work with in Vancouver, Washington include;
DirecTV | Dish Network | Comcast – Xfinity | Centurylink | Frontier | Home Security Systems

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DirecTV Logo
DirecTV’s customers have rated them #1 in customer satisfaction, and for many good reasons. DirecTV not only provides amazing products to completely change the way you enjoy watching TV, but they do so with the best customer service in the industry. Not only does DirecTV offer more sports channels than other providers, they also air all sixteen games of the NFL Sunday Ticket. While this is a must have for the true sports fan, there are several other benefits to DirecTV
Dish Network Logo
Dish Network in Vancouver is the pioneer of satellite television, since they have been providing the most up to date services and product for three decades. With Dish, you can now watch all your favorite shows from almost any mobile device and often without the hassle of commercials. As the leader in technology, Dish Network continues to implement new ways to revolutionize your television watching experience each and every day.
Comcast Logo
Comcast Xfinity of Vancouver offers you everything you need in cable television, internet and phone service. Using smarter technology than some competitors, they are able to continually improve their services to make sure they are always the best for their customers. Along with some of the best products and services, Xfinity also offers customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, available both by phone and internet.

Centurylink Logo
CenturyLink’s internet and phone services have provided the residents of Vancouver all they need in communication and internet for many years and have become known as an industry leader. With CenturyLink packages, you can customize one that meets all of your family’s needs, all at an affordable price and with customer service you can count on when you need it. Whether you need internet, phone service or both, call LiveWires today to see what Centurylink has to offer!
Frontier Logo
Frontier Communication’s internet and phone service is another option for Vancouver residents who are looking for reliability. Frontier Communication offers free services such as a wireless router included with your internet service and Call Waiting and Caller ID always included with your phone plan. Call LiveWires now and let us tell you more about Frontier’s programs & benefits!
ADT Logo
ADT Security has protected families just like yours in Vancouver for over a century, meaning they have the most experience in the field. With this experience comes a heightened knowledge for what is important to home owners in the aspect of protecting their loved ones. When you rely on ADT to protect your home and family, you will get the best in home security along with the option of choosing ways to protect the health of your loved ones.

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