ViventVivint Security Systems of Oregon and Washington are proud of the technology we use to protect your home and family each and every day, 24 hours a day. Vivint is far more than just a home security system. Many people have no idea all of the ways we can make your home safe, secure, energy efficient and even make some of your daily tasks easier than ever! In so many ways, Vivint technology is something that every family needs. Along with a state of the art home security system, Vivint also provides you with devices for Home Automation, Energy Management, and even Solar Energy. Vivint Security Systems looks at your home from every aspect possible and finds ways to make everything safer and sounder. We will start out by doing a thorough look at your home, what your needs are, who is in your family and what features you are looking for in a home automation and security system.

Using Vivint’s proven and secure system, you can use your laptop, smartphone or iPad to completely control what is happening in your home while you are on vacation, at work or simply at the grocery store. Along with you, the home owner, being able to remotely access the system that is controlling your home, your home will be monitored by a trained technician who is ready to alert you and law enforcement, if need be, for any suspicious or dangerous activity in or around your house. In addition to making sure your home is being kept secure while you are away, you also have the ability to do things that solely make your day easier!

• Remotely unlock the doors to let your kids in after school, your spouse who forgot the key, even letting in the housekeeper or neighbor who needs to borrow a cup of sugar!
• Watch live footage of the inside and outside of your home any time you want, using your mobile device.
• Check on your children to make sure they are doing their homework, or look in on the nanny caring for your younger children.
• Change temperature controls within your home and even turn on lights and lamps from the office!

Vivint Security Systems are available all over the Oregon and Washington area and we are ready to protect your home as well. We offer many services and products that keep your home safe.

• Video surveillance for both the inside and outside of your home.
• Motion detectors that can alert you of any suspicious activity and deter would-be thieves.
• Monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by a trained professional.
• And More!

Vivint has saved many homes and families over the years from suffering the stress, fear and heartbreak of a break-in and the theft of valuable or emotional items. Whether you are looking to replace your existing home security system or wanting the peace of mind that comes with having one, Vivint Security Systems is ready to answer all your questions and start making your home safer, today.