HughesNet Internet

hughesnetHughesNet Satellite Internet is the internet provider more homes in Oregon and Washington are turning to for all of their work and play that require a reliable and dependable internet connection. With HughesNet, you can use the internet for all you need, including watching videos, playing music and even looking up the perfect recipe for Saturday night dinner. You can even stay in touch better with friends and family by sharing videos and pictures to loved ones out of the area. With HughesNet of Oregon and Washington, you get better performance in whatever you use the internet for because HughesNet uses a higher bandwidth application than other internet providers, allowing you to enjoy faster speeds, more reliable connections and even the use of multiple devices at once. Another reason why HughesNet Satellite Internet is better than the rest is that our service reaches where most cable and DSL cannot. No matter where you live, HughesNet can provide you with internet services.

There are many features that make HughesNet Satellite Internet of Oregon and Washington the internet provider that so many homes are enjoying right this moment. Yes, our speed is super fast and our connections are reliable, but there is so much more!
• No phone line needed! Since HughesNet connects to a satellite to bring you internet, you do not need a landline to make internet connectivity happen!
• Free installation! One of our qualified and friendly technicians will install your internet and give you step by step instructions of how to do all you need to.
• Secure web browsing! HughesNet works by bringing information directly from the satellite to your modem. There are also several Network Operation Centers monitoring the networks, helping to make sure everything is safe and secure.
• Excellent customer service! HughesNet Satellite Internet is proud of the customer service we offer from the very beginning and for all you need in an internet service provider. You can call us 24 hours a day, every day with any questions or problems you may have.

HughesNet provides a quality product to all of our customers, making them happy they chose us for their internet provider each and every day. Satellite Internet gives you the fastest internet possible and HughesNet is no exception to that. In fact, we strive to do even better by also providing you with a customer service standard that can’t be beat by the competitors. HughesNet has 40 years of experience in what we do. That means that we have almost half a century of knowledge behind us and far more than that ahead of us to keep improving our services for our customers. As a fourth generation of high speed satellite internet, we use a combination of high capacity satellites, expert engineering and our helpful customer service team to bring internet connections to 2.5 million homes and businesses in 80 different countries. With so many households in Washington and Oregon already enjoying the best in internet service, why have you not yet called HughesNet Satellite Internet?