frontierYou may think that all internet providers are the same, but that could not be further from the truth. While they all provide a way to connect to the internet, they all contain different features, varying speeds and a wide range of prices. For many homes in Oregon and Washington, Frontier Communications is the best choice for multiple reasons. One of the most enjoyed features of Frontier Communications is the ability to bundle your telephone and internet services, making bill paying easier and saving money each month! Frontier offers a reliable internet connection, phone calls that won’t be dropped or full of static, and 24 hour customer service for all your questions and needs. When you decide on Frontier Communications for your internet and phone service, you will be pleased you did.

Households in Oregon and Washington use the internet for many uses. Whether you use it strictly for work, or only for entertainment and frivolity, you want a fast connection and you need reliable service each and every day. Frontier Communications gives you the ability to use the internet for all you want and need, without the worry of undesirable speed or connectivity. Watching movies, playing games and even looking up a recipe for your family’s dinner can all be made easier with Frontier! Our customers count on us to give them an internet service they can enjoy without stress and that is precisely what we deliver to them. Frontier Communications understands exactly what Oregon and Washington residents look for in an internet provider and we go above and beyond that with many desired services and features.

• Free Wireless router with all internet services!
• Quick and easy installation process!
• Two year price lock guarantee for all services!

Whether you already utilize a landline telephone or are thinking about using one, Frontier Communications is ready to help. Many homes in Oregon and Washington have veered away from having a home phone and simply use their cell phones only. While this practice has become quite popular, there are many benefits to having a landline phone, especially one that provides the clarity that Frontier offers for every call you make. Having a landline home phone is a safety feature in many ways. In an emergency, you don’t want to worry about whether your cell phone is charged so you can call for help. Frontier Communications landline phones work all the time, even in a power outage. In addition, many home security systems in Washington and Oregon require homes to have a landline so that their services can work as they are designed. Along with safety aspects, there are many benefits to a Frontier Communications telephone plan.

• Free Caller ID and Call Waiting with every phone plan!
• Save money when you bundle your phone and internet services!
• No dropped calls, as happens with your cellular phone!

In most areas of Washington and Oregon, Frontier Communications is ready to deliver excellent internet and superior customer service to your home. While other internet and phone providers have similar claims, Frontier Communications continues to be the company many households rely on for all their home communication needs.