comcast infinityIt is becoming more and more common to find a provider that can bring telephone, internet and television to your home in a bundle rather than to deal with three separate companies and three different bills each month. While many companies can offer you a package of services to save time and money, Comcast Xfinity offers you all that and so much more! Comcast Xfinity of Washington and Oregon are dedicated to providing our customers with the smartest technology and excellence of customer service so that you can be satisfied each day that you chose Comcast as your internet, telephone and television entertainment provider. Comcast has many packages to choose from, and we will surely help you find one that has everything you need included!

Comcast Xfinity offers television services known as Xfinity OnDemand, phone services as Voice Unlimited and Xfinity Internet service for all your home entertainment, communication and enjoyment needs.

• Comcast Xfinity wants to make sure each and every household has all the services they need, and nothing they don’t, all at an affordable cost. With the Xfinity Double Play, you can bundle your Xfinity OnDemand with either Voice Unlimited or Internet. If you need all three services, then the Xfinity Triple Play is the right bundle for you!
• Xfinity Voice Unlimited has the usual and much appreciated features that you need from a phone service and so much more! Voicemail and Call Waiting are necessary benefits to a phone, and with Xfinity you will get those as well as unlimited calls that are clear as a bell. Never worry about missing important information when you are calling from your Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan. Also, you can have your voicemails sent to your email, all so you can save time by reading them instead of listening.
• With Xfinity Internet service, you will be wowed by the speed and reliability you receive, every time you use the internet. Whatever you use the internet for, you should be able to count on speedy connections and dependable signals every time and that is exactly what you will get with Comcast Xfinity. Multiple people in your home can enjoy using the internet all at the same time, without fear of slowness or interruptions in service.
• When you use Xfinity OnDemand to watch television, it will be like nothing you have every experienced before! Advanced technology allows you to watch TV anywhere in your home from any smart device and even record up to five shows at once with Xfinity’s exciting HD DVR. You never have to miss out on any movie or program!
• The X1 Platform from Xfinity gives you the option to search for a program using voice search capabilities. It will even recommend shows for you, based on your previously watched programs. Watching TV has never been more exciting as it is with the X1 Platform!

All over Oregon and Washington, people are benefiting from the advanced options that are provided by Comcast Xfinity every day. Not only will you marvel at our products and services, but you will also value and welcome the excellent customer service that is provided by our technicians both in person and over the phone. Customer service is provided 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, either by phone or on the web, whenever you need it. Switch to Comcast Xfinity, the telephone, internet and TV provider that most your friends and neighbors are enjoying right now!