charter-smallMore homes in Oregon and Washington turn towards the dependable and respected services that have been provided by Charter Communications for many years. Not only do you get excellent products and services from Charter, but you can also get your services bundled to make your household run easier, and save money! Charter’s TV, Phone and Internet services are the best available in the area, always remaining on the cusp of the most recent technology to serve you best. When you bundle your services, you can personalize each one so that you have everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Families in Oregon and Washington enjoy the cable television service that Charter is well-known for. There are simply no companies that can offer all that Charter does when it comes to options, movies and channel selection. With Charter Communications, you will appreciate more than 200 channels, with over 10,000 movies and shows to choose from! You will also wonder what you ever did without OnDemand program and movie choices, some of which are free!

• Watch your programs and movies away from home on your mobile device!
• Don’t worry about missing your favorite shows, with a DVR that can record up to eight shows at once!
• Like sports? Charter has many sports channels even with our most basic package!

Charter’s internet service is just as popular as our TV service and you will quickly find out why! Charter offers an internet that has enhanced speed and reliability in both our connection and service so you won’t miss a thing while you are working or playing on the computer. Charter offers Oregon and Washington homes a service that can support multiple devices at once and download speeds that you can’t live without! Charter has been providing internet to your friends and family for many years and we have a reputation of good service and excellent products.

• Charter supplies you with all you need, including a free modem!
• Internet service on up to three computers in your home!
• High safety standards including advanced parental controls!

When you have a landline telephone at your home, you are drastically increasing the safety of what you treasure most, your home and family. Charter’s phone service not only gives you the ability to have conversations without the risk of dropping calls or having spotty clarity, it also gives you the ability to make calls during a power outage or other emergency when your cell phone may not be working. Charter Communication’s phone service also works well with the security systems that are available in Oregon and Washington, creating an even safer environment within your home. Charter phone service has many other benefits that many people don’t realize!

• You can make unlimited local and long distance calls, to all your friends and family!
• Enjoy thirteen free features including voicemail and call waiting!
• Save money on your cell phone bill by using your home phone, which comes to you with no added or hidden fees!

Charter Communications of Oregon and Washington is proud and pleased of the service we offer residents all over, including your neighbors! Bundling your services gives you one bill instead of three, saving you time and money each and every month. Charter is available 24 hours per day, so call us now!