centurylink-smallDeciding on a provider that can offer your family the best in phone and internet service is quite a chore for the folks that live in Oregon and Washington. Even though there are many companies to choose from, not many can give you great prices, excellent customer service and a product that that allows you to do all you need for your family’s enjoyment and entertainment. Households in your area make the move to CenturyLink every day and are glad they did. With 24 hour customer service, dependable internet and clarity with every phone call, CenturyLink will be one of the best decisions you can make for your family!

The internet is widely used for everything from work to play and thousands of things in between! When the kids are doing their homework or playing online games, they need a steadfast connection just like you do when you are checking your bank account or looking for a recipe for dinner. CenturyLink of Washington and Oregon gives you just that. An unwavering connection for whatever you surf the net for, each and every day that you need it. Along with a speedy and reliable connection, CenturyLink offers you so much more.

• You can have your internet installed by one of our knowledgeable and friendly technicians, at a time that works best for you. Or, if you prefer, you can follow our handy installation guide that will walk you through how to install it yourself in only thirty minutes! We are here to help with whichever you choose!
• Make your internet service be the best it can be with our customizable options such as increased and upgraded security, added backup space and much, much more!
• CenturyLink will never force you to lease a modem from us. If you would rather purchase your own, not a problem! However, modem leasing options are also available if you prefer.

The majority of homes in Washington and Oregon have gone through the process of cancelling their home phone service and just using cell phones. However, many families are changing their minds and going back to having a landline as well as cell phones. This is because of the many advantages that have been realized, such as phone call clarity with everyone you talk to and not having to worry about a cell phone battery being charged. When you choose CenturyLink for your landline phone provider, you will receive many benefits along with clear and reliable phone service.

• Personalized features with your phone, such as Caller ID, Three Way Calling and Voicemail. Use your phone to make your personal and business life easier!
• Many home security systems require you to have a landline phone in order to have their service. Landline phones are crucial in any type of emergency or power outage.
• You can also save valuable dollars on your cell phone bill by using it less. Not only can you place calls from your home phone, but you can do so without the risk of dropping a call or having a fuzzy connection while you talk to your friends and family.

In Washington and Oregon, CenturyLink provides peace of mind and less stress to families all over by giving you the satisfaction of trustworthy phone and internet service. You can bundle your services and save even more money and stress, as well! Call CenturyLink today and ask about our Five Year Price Lock Guarantee!