ADT logoChoosing a home security provider is an important job. When you are looking to protect your treasured home, loved family and valuable possessions, selecting the right security system is an essential decision. Most of the homes in Oregon and Washington choose ADT Security Systems for the imperative job of providing safety and security and with good reason! ADT has been protecting homes and families for longer than any other company. In fact, ADT has been successfully watching over homes for over a century. This longevity in the business proves to you that they not only know what they are doing, but that they have the experience and knowledge to do it better than anyone else.

• The well- trained and qualified professionals at ADT will protect your home 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, every single day of the year. If there is any suspicious activity, ADT will quickly alert you and police, fire or other emergency personnel, depending on each specific situation.
• Because home owner’s insurance policies understand the benefits of a qualified home security system, you could benefit to save up to 20% on your policy just by installing an ADT Security System!
• ADT believes that you will see the benefit and value of our services. Because we are so confident about this, we offer a complete money back guarantee if for some reason you are not satisfied with your new security system.

Along with your security system, ADT of Oregon and Washington give you additional ways to help your home and family remain safe and sound every day of the year. In addition to a security system which will alert us and you to a possible intruder, we also install motion sensor detection lights which are the best way to deter a possible break-in. When the lights come on, you will know to be aware of what is happening and the intruder will likely back off out of fear. ADT also offers carbon monoxide detection monitors that will alert you the same way a fire alarm does in the case of a carbon monoxide leak of any kind. Since this gas is sometimes not smelled in time to avoid sickness, an alarm is crucial to maintaining health safety. If you are elderly or care for anyone who is, ADT can also install a medical alert system that will quickly gain the attention of medical personnel in the event it is needed.

ADT uses only the most innovative technology to monitor your home so that you can feel safe and cared for at all hours of the day and night. We utilize six different nationwide customer monitoring centers, which are backed by the most powerful equipment. Our secure communication links receive seamless and reliable service every minute of the day, so that you can be sure we are aware of anytime you may need our services. ADT is the leader in home security systems and has been for a century. Many of your neighbors in Oregon and Washington already sleep better knowing we are there for them, now it is your time to call!