Home Security Systems

Home security systemsWhen Salem homes need to be covered with a complete home security system, Xfinity Home is the best choice for most. Xfinity offers home owners a complete package, to not only protect homes from theft, but also allowing them the option to control temperature and light setting while away from home for only a day or longer. Making your home safer is more than just providing an alarm on windows and doors and Xfinity is constantly improving services to make sure their customer’s homes and families are protected to the best that they can be. While your Xfinity Home package comes with multiple features, some of the most notable are:

• Touch Screen Controllers and Wireless Keypads
• Indoor and Outdoor Cameras and Motion Sensors
• The benefit of saving up to 20% on your Home Owner’s Insurance

When you decide that Xfinity Home is the right security system for you and your home, our certified technicians will do a thorough assessment of your home and recommend a package that will thoroughly protect you and your family. Once set up, your home will be monitored every day of the year, 24 hours a day, by our certified central monitoring system to ensure everyone is well protected.

When you trust in the well-known and respected name of ADT Security Systems, you can rest assured every day and night that your home and family are being taken care of by the most experienced and knowledgeable company in the home security industry. ADT believes that your home, as well as its treasured possessions should be cared for along with the family that lives within the home and that is why ADT focuses on more than just property security. In addition to cameras and detectors that protect against theft and break-ins, ADT also installs:

• Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Medical Alarm Systems
• And More!

ADT has six customer service monitoring centers nationwide that all work together to make sure your home and family are safe each and every day. Our centers are backed by powerful equipment and secure communication links so that you can count on the seamless and reliable service that ADT customers have come to count on. When you want your family and home protected, ADT is the security most Salem customers choose.

Vivint Security Systems of Salem has an approach to security systems that is different to many others. Vivint does a thorough evaluation of one’s family needs prior to deciding upon a home security package. Vivint understands that a home with small children will need different features than a home with older people and they work hard to develop packages that are just right for every home and family. Vivint also focuses on areas other than home security, such as energy management and solar energy to make sure your home is not only protected but also comfortable for you. When you choose Vivint, they will provide you with:

• Video Surveillance
• Motion Detection and Electronic Door Locks
• Remote Lighting and Thermostat Controls

Vivint technology allows you the capability to unlock your home’s doors from a remote location and watch live footage from the interior and exterior of your home from your smartphone or laptop. All of these features are beneficial to all of Vivint Security System customers. Wherever you are, you can confidently know that Vivent is watching over your home.