frontier-smallAnother choice for those in the Salem area is Frontier Communications. With Frontier, you will receive internet service that is fast and uninterrupted, all at an affordable price. Whatever you use the internet for, Frontier Communications will make sure that you are able to do so for all your internet work and play time!

• You do not need to have a landline to enjoy the reliable and speedy internet services of Frontier Communications.
• Doubling the speed of your internet is easy to do, for only an additional ten dollars per month!
• Unlike other internet providers, Frontier offers all customers a wireless router, at no further cost to you!

Although many Salem residents choose not to have a landline in their homes, Frontier offers you many reasons why it is still a necessary addition for your family. Along with many other benefits, having a home phone significantly decreases the amount of minutes you use on your cell phone, saving you money on your monthly bills.

• Frontier phone service will always provide a reliable and secure way for you to make all of your local and long distance calls, even during a power outage when your cell phone battery might be uncharged.
• Landline phones let you count on a clear connection with no dropped calls that can happen often with cell phones.
• With Frontier phone service, Caller ID and Call Waiting are simply included in your service at no extra cost.

Whether you are in need of just internet service or are interested in bundling internet and phone services, Frontier Communications can help you save money while still receiving quality services that you can count on every day. Along with speedy internet and clear phone calls, Frontier’s customer service is available 24 hours a day for all your questions and problems. Call Frontier Communications in Salem today and find out more about our services!