directv-smallWhen you need a better provider for your television programming, DirecTV in Salem is the answer to all your questions! DirecTV has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction for several years in a row due to their dedication to excellent customer service and providing high quality products for all customers. Satellite television is also more affordable than cable, since there are no taxes associated with the service. Even better, DirecTV can bundle your phone and internet along with your satellite, saving you even more money, time and stress. They only partner with well-known and locally recognized phone and internet providers, making sure to choose the best one for each customer. Along with the amazing money saving bundles, DirecTV offers the latest and greatest in all different types of services that go along with your home entertainment, making it the best it can be for you!

• Genie is a product offered only by DirecTV and it allows you to record up to five television shows or movies at the same time, making sure no member of your family misses out on what they need or want to watch. Genie is the most advanced HD DVR available today and truly makes your television programming the most efficient it can be.
• DirecTV is the leader in all different types of sports programming, including the NFL Sunday Ticket that includes all sixteen games!
• Using DirecTV’s voice search gives you the ability to search for shows or movies using only your voice. You only need to talk as you would to a friend, and DirecTV will find the show, movie or actor that you are looking for.
• If you need international channels, you have come to the right place! DirecTV has more foreign channels than any other satellite or cable television service.
• When you bundle your services, you can utilize your television to search the internet and surf the web. This means you can watch YouTube videos, listen to Pandora music and more, all from your television while using your remote.
• When you choose DirecTV , a friendly and skilled technician will come to your home and install your satellite. The technician will answer all your questions, making sure you understand how to operate your new service and are happy with your decision. Beyond this, every time you need to call customer service, you can be confident that someone will always be there to help you with all you need.

At DirecTV of Salem, we understand that there are many companies you can choose to bring movies and television programs into your home. That is why we stand out to be the best, and how we have maintained our high levels of customer satisfaction over the years. Quality products like Genie and voice search, more channels than the competitors including international channels and sports options, and 99% worry-free signal reliability is why our customers refer us to their friends and family each and every day. Call DirecTV today to become one of our highly satisfied customers!