centurylink-smallIn the Salem area, if you are in search of a dependable and speedy internet connection, CenturyLink has you covered. CenturyLink is one of the most commonly used internet providers and for good reason. They have provided quality products and services to the residents of Salem for many years. With CenturyLink, you will receive faster speeds, reliable connections, a customizable home page and more!

• With CenturyLink, you can count on an easy installation, done by either yourself using our easy to follow kit or by one of our trained technicians.
• You can choose to either purchase your modem or lease one from CenturyLink at a reasonable price. You can also upgrade to a wireless internet for one low cost.
• CenturyLink offers many customizable options to make your internet perfect for your needs, including options like upgraded security and customizable backup space.

CenturyLink in Salem also offers phone service, which offers many features our customers find helpful. Phone service packages with CenturyLink can come included with benefits such as Call Forwarding and Caller ID. While many Salem residents have chosen not to have a landline phone, there are many advantages to keeping one in your home.

• During a power outage or emergency, your CenturyLink home phone line will still work, allowing you to call necessary family members or emergency personnel.
• A landline is often required when you install a home security system, as that is how they communicate with your home.
• You can often save plenty of money when you bundle your phone with your internet bill with CenturyLink!

With CenturyLink, you can save money while still receiving the benefits of a high quality phone and internet service, either alone or bundled. CenturyLink is also proud to offer a five year price lock guarantee, which guarantees you won’t be charged any additional fees and you get this without any kind of contract! These are just some of the many reasons that CenturyLink remains a leading provider of phone and internet services today.