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LiveWires – Satellite, Cable & Internet Service in Salem, OR.

Making the right choice for all your internet, phone, security and television needs can be challenging, especially in Salem where there are so many ways to go about your choice. While one option is to call each company individually, this can be time consuming and nerve wracking. Many Salem residents have already made the decision to rely on the friendly and personal assistance of Live Wires Media to get all they need in terms of home communication and entertainment.

With Live Wires Media, you can still get the reliable service of the big companies such as Dish Network and ADT Security Systems, but with a personalized service from a local person. Live Wires Media will make sure that you get exactly what you need without added costs from services you don’t need, saving your budget from unnecessary expenses. Call Live Wires Media in Salem and find out how you can save money and time while still depending upon reliable home services.

Service providers we work with in Salem include;
DirecTV | Dish Network | Comcast | Centurylink | Frontier | ADT | Vivint Home Security

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DirecTV Logo
DirecTV in Salem is continually rated #1 in customer satisfaction, and this comes as no surprise to the customers who rely on DirecTV to provide them with quality satellite television. DirecTV not only offers the best in programming and customer service, but goes above and beyond what they would have to do to create satisfied customers with benefits such as more international and sports channels than any other satellite provider. When you call DirecTV, be sure to ask about:
Dish Network Logo
Dish Network of Salem has thirty years of experience in the satellite industry. In fact, Dish was the first company to offer this service and the quality and excellence has only increased since then. As the leader in technology, Dish Network continues to improve what they offer their customers with exciting and innovative products such as:
Comcast Logo
Comcast Xfinity creates satisfied customers all over Salem by offering advanced services in internet, phone and cable television. While striving to remain competitive in the market, Xfinity remains affordable while still offering everything customers need to thoroughly enjoy their entertainment and communication devices. When you call, Xfinity will tell you everything you need to know about our fun and useful products like:

Centurylink Logo
CenturyLink of Salem has created many a happy customer who has chosen them for their internet and phone services. CenturyLink is one of the most commonly used internet and phone providers and that is widely because of the quality service they offer along with fast internet speeds and phone services with tremendous clarity each and every time. In addition, all CenturyLink customers benefit from:
Frontier Logo
Frontier Communications provides many Salem homes with internet and phone services, with great customer satisfaction. While Frontier Communications remains up to date on all the latest technological advancements, they also offer outstanding customer service with fast internet speeds and clear phone lines, which are what their customers have come to rely on. Whether you need internet service, phone service, or both, you can count on Frontier Communications to provide you with:
ADT Logo
ADT Security System of Salem has been protecting homes for longer than any other security system. For more than a century, ADT has been working hard to keep families just like yours protected against theft, break-ins and health hazards. With ADT, you can expect:

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