Comcast Xfinity in Portland

comcast-smallAre you ready for a new cable service provider that will offer you exciting and revolutionary technology? Comcast Xfinity of Portland offers just that and so much more! Your television watching experience will be the best it can possible be, with new ways to search for that perfect movie. You can also add phone and internet packages to provide you with everything you need in entertainment and communication, all at one affordable price. Smarter technology, better service and personalized bundle packages made just for you are all just part of what you can expect with Comcast Xfinity of Portland!

• Xfinity Voice Unlimited gives you many exciting ways to communicate with your friends and family. First, you will enjoy unlimited talk and text, saving you money and stress by not having to worry about overage fees. Next, you can read your voicemails instead of listen to them, since you can have them sent directly to your email! All of this and the best call clarity around, so you won’t miss a word.
• Xfinity Internet brings to you reliable and speedy internet for all your work and play. It doesn’t matter if you are working on an important presentation for a meeting or playing a video game with the kids, you will remain connected. It doesn’t matter how many people in your home are connected to the internet, you will all be able to enjoy fast and dependable service.
• Infinity OnDemand truly revolutionizes how you watch television. Whatever you are watching, you can comfortably enjoy it from your living room television or on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the home! Xfinity OnDemand brings with it an advanced HD DVR that even lets you record up to four different shows at the same time, even if someone is watching something at the same time.
• Comcast Xfinity offers you personalized bundles, so there is sure to be one that fits your family’s needs perfectly. Xfinity Double Play gives you Xfinity OnDemand and your choice of either Internet or Voice Unlimited services, while Xfinity Triple Play gives you all three services, all at one low price.
• The X1 Platform from Xfinity significantly improves your television program experience, in ways you never knew were possible! You can utilize your X1 Platform as a search engine, simply typing in the first few letters of the show you are searching for, which makes finding that perfect program easier than ever. Downloading the X1 Remote App onto your smartphone will give you the ability to use voice commands to control your TV. You never have to search for the remote again! Your Platform can also help you find new shows to enjoy with its recommending feature.

Xfinity by Comcast in Portland has been long known for the quality products and technology that it brings to the world of television and communication. Whatever combination of phone, television and internet you need, Xfinity has a package that is just right for you. You can also expect to receive excellence in customer service like you have not experienced with other cable providers in Portland, since Xfinity is there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, both by internet and by phone. Call today and find out what Xfinity by Comcast can do for you!