Centurylink in Portland Oregon

centurylink-smallIn Portland, if you are in need of a reliable and fast internet provider that also offers excellent customer service, CenturyLink is definitely the answer. CenturyLink has been giving their customers peace of mind and satisfaction with all their internet needs for many years and for multiple reasons such as a customizable home page!

• When you are ready to have your CenturyLink installed, we can do it for you or you can do it yourself in thirty minutes with our easy to follow kit.
• There are several choices you can opt for that will make your internet exactly what you need it to be for work and for play, such as upgraded security.
• With CenturyLink, you have the option to lease or purchase your modem. You can even go wireless for one small fee.

CenturyLink in Portland also offers incredible phone service for all your communication needs. Just like quality service with internet, you can count on your phone calls always being a clear connection. You can also choose from such services as Caller ID and Call Forwarding to go with your personalized phone service.

• CenturyLink landlines still work during a power outage, so having a landline is a great safety measure for your family.
• Most home security companies require homes to have a home phone, because their services are linked to the landline.
• Bundling your internet with a landline will help you save money on your CenturyLink monthly bill.

CenturyLink of Portland is who most people call when they need internet or phone services. This is not only because of our well-known and respected name but also because of the outstanding products and reliable customer service that we offer to each and every customer with every interaction. You can even call us 24 hours per day if you have any questions or problems and a friendly customer service technician will always be there for you!