Charter in Medford Oregon

charter-smallWhen Medford homes need a new provider for their TV, Phone and Internet service, many of them look no further than to the familiar name of Charter Communications. With Charter, you can not only expect outstanding customer service, but also technology that will completely upgrade how you use all of these important services. All of that, and Charter offers several package options so that you can only pay for the services you most want and need, saving you money every day.

When it comes to Cable TV service, Charter Communications of Medford has the competition beat in terms of channel, pay-per-view, and movie options. Charter brings to your home free OnDemand and many options for Premium OnDemand movies. With Charter, you can expect to have your service include many sports channels with even the most basic of packages, making the sports lover in your home happy and busy. In addition, Charter Cable offers:

• 200 plus channels, including over 10,000 movies and shows.
• The ability to take your TV on the go using your mobile devices.
• DVR that can record up to eight shows at once.

When you use Charter’s internet service, the speed and reliability will make you understand why so many of your neighbors already us Charter Communications for their internet work and play. With Charter’s safety standards, your family will benefit from parental controls and security that will help keep potential identity thieves away from your email. Charter will install your internet service on up to three computers in your home, getting everyone the ability to use and enjoy your new service. Along with that, Charter internet offers:

• Free internet modem and the option for a wireless router.
• Download speeds up to 30 Mbps, which is 10 times faster than DSL.
• A bandwidth that can support multiple devices in your home, at the same time.

Having a home phone with Charter has many benefits that customers may not think about. Home phones with a landline do not drop calls or have calls that cut out like many cell phone conversations can be impacted by. In addition, having a home phone means that you can save money on your cell phone minutes. One of the most important benefits of having a home phone is because a landline will work in an emergency, where your cell phone might fail. Charter phone service work with most home security systems, making sure emergency personnel get to you even faster. Some of the other features of Charter phone are:

• Unlimited local and long distance calls in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and More.
• Free Voicemail and thirteen other usable features such as Call Waiting.
• No added fees, as you can find with some phone companies.

Along with the fantastic quality of services and products you will find with Charter Communications of Medford, you will also be relieved by their dedication to superior customer service, each and every time you need them, 24 hours every day. Charter never requires a contract for their services, and offers you many ways to save money. Call today and find out why so many people switch to Charter!