directv-smallChoosing a new satellite or cable provider can be a tough decision, due to so many options out there. What most Grants Pass customers do not know is that satellite television can be far less expensive than cable because there are no taxes charged to each customer with satellite. Of all the satellite choices, DirecTV has long been rated #1 in customer satisfaction because of their superior service, outstanding products and 99% worry-free signal reliability! DirecTV ’s dedication to being the best will continue into the future, as they are always adding products and improving the ones they currently offer. More Grants Pass residents choose DirecTV  over the others, and now it is your turn to find out all that DirecTV  has to offer!

• DirecTV  is the leader in sports programming, with not only more channel choices than other providers, but also with all sixteen games of the NFL Sunday Ticket! There’s no need to miss any games this season!
• Genie is the most advanced HD DVR available today and will absolutely change how you watch TV. Genie allows you to record up to five television shows at once, making sure no one in the family misses out on their favorite program or movies. We understand that you can’t always watch television when you need to, and we want to ensure you don’t have to decide between a night out on the town and catching up on your shows.
• If you watch international channels, DirecTV is the best choice for you, because DirecTV  has more foreign channels than any other provider.
• DirecTV ’s Voice Search enables you to search for any program, using only your voice! Just speak as you would to another person and DirecTV  will find a specific actor, title or any keyword that you like. Searching for a show has never been easier!
• DirecTV  is nationwide, so there is no worry if you relocate. You can simply transfer your service anywhere you go!
• You can save stress and money when you bundle your TV, phone and internet with DirecTV . DirecTV  only partners with reliable phone and internet companies that are recognized in the Medford area, so you can be confident you are getting the best option for your family. Once your internet is set up, you can surf the web, search the internet and even listen to music streamed from Pandora, all from the convenience of your television set!

When you are ready to switch to the satellite provider most other Grants Pass residents have, DirecTV  will send out a friendly and knowledgeable technician at a time that is convenient for you. They will explain your new services to you and make sure you understand how to navigate your new system before they leave. After, you can always rely on the helpful customer service department of DirecTV , whenever you have a question or problem. So many of your friends and neighbors are already using DirecTV , call today to become one of them!