charter-smallThere are many choices for your TV, phone and internet service in the Grants Pass area and it can be difficult to find the best one for all of your needs. That is why many people simply choose the familiar and respected name of Charter Communications for all three of these important household needs. Charter gives homes all over southern Oregon the option to bundle your services to save money, all while working with a respected company that you can trust in for all your communication needs and home entertainment.

Charter has been providing homes in Grants Pass excellence in cable television service for many years, and they do so with many options that you can customize. In addition to many channel choices, Charter also brings to you OnDemand and pay-per-view movie options. Charter even has more sports channels than other cable TV providers.

• Hundreds of channels, with over 10,000 programs and movies
• Use your mobile devices to take your TV watching anywhere you go
• Record up to eight shows at once with your Charter DVR

Charter’s internet service is one of the most reliable you will find in Grants Pass. Customers count on the fast connections and usability that comes with Charter internet every day, for all of their work and play. Charter even has enhanced safety standards, making sure that your internet is protected against identity thieves and misuse. You can even have Charter internet installed on up to three computers in your home, giving everyone the ability to search the web for all they need to do.

• Downloading speeds of up to 30 Mbps, much faster than other providers
• Bandwidth that easily supports many devices at the same time
• Your service comes with a free internet modem and the option for a wireless router

Another service that Charter of Grants Pass provides is a home telephone that can be included in your bundled package. Landline phones make talking to your friends and family much more enjoyable as they provide you with a clear connection without calls being dropped like so frequently can happen with cellular phones. You can even save money on your cell phone bill by cutting down your minutes, since you can use your landline phone anytime you are at home.

• Unlimited calling plans, both local and long distance
• Free features such as voicemail and call waiting
• No hidden fees or costs

Charter Communications of Grants Pass offers you great products and services for all your television, phone and internet needs that will make your home more enjoyable and efficient. Along with that, Charter has a high level of customer service, always being there whenever you have a problem, 24 hours a day. With so many reasons to switch to Charter, why are you waiting?