centurylink-smallFor Grants Pass residents, there are many decisions to make when it comes to your internet and phone provider. For many of them, there is no other choice than the familiar name of CenturyLink. CenturyLink gives you everything you need to thoroughly enjoy your web surfing, whether it is for work or play. Along with speedy internet connections, CenturyLink offers a phone service with many benefits beneficial features, including clarity in every call you make and receive. Excellent products and outstanding customer service is what you can expect when you choose CenturyLink in Grants Pass as your phone and internet provider.

The service and standard that comes with the respected name of CenturyLink is difficult to match by competing service providers. CenturyLink gives you the power to download music or movies, play games, search for homework answers and even work from home, making all you do easier to do. Fast internet speeds, reliable connections and 24 hour customer service are just some of the reasons more Grants Pass residents choose CenturyLink over anyone else.

• When you go for CenturyLink, there are many things you get to choose with your service. The first is how you want it installed. You can either install it yourself by using our easy to follow kit that walks you through the thirty minute procedure, or you can choose to have one of our certified technicians install it for you.
• With CenturyLink, you will get a home page that you can personalize to make your internet searching as quick and easy as it needs to be.
• Customize your package even further by adding features like upgraded security and additional backup space, to protect and secure everything you use the internet for.
• Another option you have when you choose CenturyLink is whether you want to purchase or lease your modem. You can even go wireless for just one affordable cost.

For those homes that choose to have a landline phone, you can’t do better than the services provided by CenturyLink. CenturyLink makes sure their phone connections are the clearest possible, so you can hear everything your friends and family have to tell you. There are many advantages to using a home phone, especially when you trust in the name of CenturyLink.

• Use several customizable features such as voicemail, Caller ID and Three Way Calling, so that your phone does everything you need from it to make your life easier.
• Save money on your cell phone bill by using your landline when you are at home. Home phones can have a much better sound than your cell phone, also.
• Having a home phone is extremely crucial during an emergency or power outage. When your cell phone battery dies, your landline home phone will continue to work.

CenturyLink of Grants Pass brings to you many incredible features with your internet and phone services. Along with these features, you have the ability to save money on bundling your services, all with a Five Year Price Lock Guarantee! Call CenturyLink today and find out more about our 24 hour customer service, top quality products and dedication to keeping our customers satisfied.