Summertime Internet Safety Tips

Summertime Internet Safety Tips

25535362_sWhile the summer season is full of outdoor activities and family trips – it is also a time to get some quality time together at home relaxing.


With the kids out of school for the summer vacation – their relaxing activity will likely have something to do with the internet.


The internet is an amazing tool and resource – it gives us unlimited information with just a few clicks and, you have it at your fingertips in a moment’s notice!


For adults who are trying to find out how to get to the closest playground and then ice cream shop – that’s a tremendous benefit! But, for kids who are home from school with too much idle time on their hands … having an unlimited resource of information, videos, and photos can be kind of dangerous.


Thankfully, parents these days are far more mindful of the safety of their children while online, and technology has closed the gap a bit between online safety and not.


Some tips that you can follow this summer to make sure that your kids are safe while surfing include:


  • Talk to your kids about the internet. Make sure the conversation is age-appropriate, but make sure that each of your children know not to take their safety for granted while on the internet. Your kids should know how they are to be using the internet and which types of websites are not inappropriate. For instance, you may not want your elementary schoolers surfing around YouTube as they might see something inappropriate
  • Know your children’s devices. If your kiddos have tablets, phones, or other electronic devices that can access the Internet, make sure that you know the security features and the different ways that the device can be used.
  • If your children are allowed to have social media accounts – follow them online so that you can all of the updates they are posting. Often, your kids’ friends don’t know that you are a follower and will speak candidly on their profile – this gives you an idea of the people your kids are spending time with.


Keeping your kids safe online is important all year around but, especially during the summer months when they are home from school. Use these tips to make sure that your children are surfing safely while getting their R&R this summer.


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