How To Keep Your Internet Signal Strong This Winter

How To Keep Your Internet Signal Strong This Winter

37737821_sThe winter season is a time of year when families like to spend time indoors and stay warm.

Keeping comfortable indoors involves several different elements but one of the essentials is properly working internet. With all of the online jobs and schooling that families are involved in these days, having internet that works properly is essential to having a happy and productive winter season.

So, what do you do when your internet doesn’t move fast enough or there is a problem?

Here are a few tips:

Technology moves fast and that means that if you bought your wireless router a few years ago then it probably needs to be replaced to be compliant with all of the most recent advances. If your laptop is brand new but your router is several years old, they may not communicate with one another properly

Test different spots in your house to keep your router The service or signal might be stronger in one place over another. If one space in your home is causing the signal to be slow – you might try to move it to another place in your home where the signal might be stronger

If your router has different channels, you might be a better signal if it is on a different channel that isn’t being used by as many people. Take a look at your router settings and see if you can switch it from the current channel to another channel to test how strong the signal is

Keep other wireless devices away from the router. If you have a baby monitor, walkie-talkies, or a garage door opener, these types of wireless devices could interfere with the signal that your router is putting off

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