Cold Weather Home Security Tips To Protect Your Belongings

Cold Weather Home Security Tips To Protect Your Belongings

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Now that the fall season is officially here, many homes are back on the school schedule. This means that fewer families are outside playing late in the evening and parents are getting into bed earlier rather than staying up late to watch a movie.

All of this is music to the ears of burglars. In fact, this is the time of year when there is a bit of an uptick in home invasions.

Additionally, this is the time of year when people tend to let their landscaping get a little overgrown and soon it will dark outside an hour earlier.

To protect your home from becoming a target of a burglar, make sure to follow these fall season home security tips:

  • If you have doggy doors, make sure that they are secured at night and don’t provide an entry point to your home. If you have pedestrian doors on your garage, keep them locked. Getting into your garage is one step closer to getting into your home (if it is an attached garage) and that is the ultimate plan for a burglar. Plus, he or she can cause plenty of damage just breaking into your car inside of your garage
  • Store your garden tools inside of your garage or shop. Don’t provide a burglar with a weapon of opportunity or a tool to break a window with. A rake or shovel that is left out leaning up against the side of your home could easily be used to break a window or pry a door open.
  • Keep the outside perimeter of your home well-lit with porch lights and motion lights. Pick an evening this month and walk outside the perimeter of your home after it has gotten dark. Make note of any dark spots around your home and yard where a motion light should be installed to light it up if someone came around.

Video camera home security is a huge market right now and many homeowners are seeing some great returns on this investment.

The best part is that you can take the video to the police department and give an exact description of the burglar to the police. This can increase the chances of the person being caught and potentially of you recovering some of your belongings.

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