Add These Home Security Tips To Your Spring-Cleaning List

Add These Home Security Tips To Your Spring-Cleaning List

15846129_sThe spring time is a beautiful time of the year to get the inside and outside of your home ready for fun in the summer sun.

The winter weather has finally passed and, while there are some days of rain and thunder storms, the cold temperatures are mostly subsiding with the sun peeking through the clouds throughout the day.

Activities like gardening, cleaning out the garage, and organizing the inside of your home are all favorite spring time home improvement projects.

And, while you are doing all of these projects, it is important to keep your home security in mind. Spring break and (soon) summer vacations will take you and your family away from your home.

That means that your home is vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries. To mitigate the damage these events have on your home, it is important to keep home security on your home as you are moving through your spring to-do list.

Here are just a couple of home security projects for the spring season:

  • As you are planning and planting your spring landscaping, be thoughtful of home it supports and impedes your home security. For instance, shrubs that are around your front door can help to hide packages and mail that are not collected when you are not home. However, if the shrubs are too high, they can impede your vision of the outside and can hide an intruder who is trying to get into a window. If you do have shrubs planted in front of your home around the door and windows, make them rose bushes or other prickly bushes to deter intruders from climbing behind them and keep them cut low and below the window.
  • Check around your doors and windows to make sure the winter weather didn’t leave any damage or unexpected access points. For instance, any trip around the windows that has been damaged or warped could make it much easier to insert a tool and pry open a locked window. Test the alarms on all of your windows to make sure they are still intact and working properly.

Add more outdoor lighting if you notice that there are dark spots around the outside of your home. Especially near windows or places where an intruder could spend some extra time hidden in the shadows trying to get into a locked window. Motion lights from the hardware store can easily be installed and provide peace of mind.


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