5 Ways To Make Winter Internet Usage Productive

5 Ways To Make Winter Internet Usage Productive

check-1769866_1280It comes as no surprise that internet usage during the winter months is significantly higher than during the summer months.

During the summer, families are outside enjoying the sun or have gone on vacation to spend quality time together.

However, now that the holiday season has passed, the rest of the winter can be a little dull in comparison and families are looking for ways to be entertained.

Turning to online games, streaming movies, and even browsing the internet for strange and interesting human interest stories are all favorite activities.

If you and your family are look ahead to several hours of internet usage – here are a couple of tips for making that time productive:

  • Learn something new. There are thousands of websites that will teach you something new like a foreign language or a new piece of computer software. Places like Udemy and HowStuffWorks are great resources for learning new and interesting things for free.
  • Gain perspective. FastCompany, Entreprenuer and TEDTalks are all great places to listen to or read some awesome new perspectives from some highly-intelligent people. Not only are these fun to learn but they can really add some perspective to your life when you learn about things from a different angle.
  • Get organized. If you have a pile of print photos, this is the perfect time of the year to start the big project of digitizing them for safe storage. Organize your finances and set up some automatic bill pay or paperless billing. You could even start a budget using GoodBudget or a simple Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Use social media for good. Connect with long lost friends and organize a Skype meeting to chat. You could even get several people on the call to have a glass of wine or cup of coffee together from all over the country. Reach out to some potential contacts via LinkedIn or ask a friend to connect you to one of their contacts.
  • Do some smart shopping. Check out places like Groupon to see if there are any items that would be great for next year’s Christmas presents or even some restaurant coupons that you could use for your family throughout the year. Checking for coupons online can really help to keep that online budget that you set up.

Use these cold weather months of browsing the internet to do one of these tasks that will be beneficial to your brain and your life.

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